Willow Brook Lodge Dog Boarding - A guilt free stay while your away!
About Our Boarding

     Our small size allows us lots of individual time with each guest. The facility is run similar to a home setting, Our guests all have indoor pens either 6x6 or 10x6 (Based on dog size or size of family). Guests go out to our large play yard at least 5-6 times a day and have the option to include a short or long walk. The facility is heated and cooled and includes an air oasis air purification system for your dogs safety and comfort.

Dog Boarding at Willow Brook Lodge

     Our guests get plenty of exercise in our over 6,000 sq. ft. play yard, surrounded by a a 6' chain link fence. We also provide a doggie wading pool for those hot summer days!

     Each dog goes out into our play yard throughout the day. Customers may choose for their pets to have group play (supervised, with other guests of similar size and temperament). Or one on one play with just us and their housemates.
     If we don't have other guests we think will be compatible they can also choose to play with our own pets, which range in size from a 75 lb gentle Anatolian Shepard mix (Zeki), to a very active Jack Russell who loves her ball (Jackie), or our little guy, a Chihuahua and Pekingnese mix (Scuppers).

Dog Boarding, Play time is always included! Whatever you choose for your dog to participate in they will get plenty of exercise and we will play their favorite games with them! (Ball, Frisbee, Fetch, Tug of war & more!)

       A short walk may be chosen for your pet for a small fee of $2.00/Day. The short walk may last from 10-15 minutes and we stick mainly to our back country roads, our orchard field and around the pastures.
       A second longer walk can be purchased for $5.00 each, great for the really active dog! On the long walk we go into our fields, woods, and can even splash around in the creek if they like.

      Inside our building we have a "Sitting Area" set up like a little living room with a couch for cuddle time & belly rubs!

We also have soft music playing in the building for our guests comfort.

      When your pup needs a rest they return to their pens, and have raised beds to lounge on, as well as plush blankets.
We are a small facility so please book early for holidays and summer months! We currently have room to hold 8 families at a time in roomy 6x6 and 10x6 pens.

*At this time we do not offer cat boarding, but we would like to in the future when we can dedicate to them their own private & quite space away from the dogs*

We are State Licensed and Inspected for your pets safety!
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