Willow Brook Lodge Dog Boarding - A guilt free stay while your away!
What to Bring!

  • Up to date Vaccination Records from your vet! Guests will NOT be admitted without proof of Current Rabies Vaccine, DHLPP, and Bordatella (we recommend the bordatella every 6 months). Guests must also be flea free and on a flea preventative to be admitted.
  • A snap type collar with ID (for walks and when out in the play yard) Also anything you normally use to walk your dog (leash, harness, etc.)
  • Your pet's food and instructions/measurement cups. We highly recommend keeping them on the same diet as at home to prevent upset tummies. We can provide food if needed for an extra charge of $2.00 per day. Dishes are not necessary,we provide stainless steel food & water bowls.
  • Any Toys & Treats you would like them to have, we also have toys here and can provide treats.
  • You may bring a T-shirt that smells like home or a small clean blanket (throw type, not a comforter), no bedding is necessary, we provide raised beds and blankets as well.
  • A brush if you would like them brushed while they are here (free of charge).
  • Any required medications your pet is on, with instructions from your vet (free of charge).
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